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LiptoGROW Gold 3

1-3 years of age

Growing-up milk for children 1-3 years of age

  • Complete vitamins and nutrients for this stage of development
  • Continues to strengthen the immune system
  • Continues to boost bone and brain development

Form: Powder

Package size: 400gm| 900gm


LiptoGROW Gold 3 is a nutritious growing-up milk that provides the nourishment toddlers need at this stage of growth. Made of milk and wholesome ingredients, LiptoGROW Gold 3 is designed to strengthen immunity and help your growing baby thrive during this development period.

  • Continues to boost cognitive function
  • Further develops the immune system
  • Supports healthy growth in combination with a well-balanced diet
  • All the ingredients found in Stage 2 further adapted to the maturing needs of your toddler

As your baby grows into toddlerhood, ensuring a healthy diet is vital to his or her ongoing development. This is why both parents and pediatricians trust LiptoGROW Gold 3 to keep little ones happy, healthy and strong during this stage.

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