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LiptoGROW Gold 4

4 years of age and older

Nutritional supplement for children from 4 years of age and older

  • Great tasting natural vanilla flavor
  • Further strengthens cognitive and immune development

Form: Powder

Package size: 400gm| 900gm


LiptoGROW Gold 4 is a super premium nutritional supplement designed to ensure your little one gets the vitamins, nutrients and nourishment necessary to thrive. Great tasting vanilla flavor ensures even the pickiest eaters get the proper nutrition.

Made with milk and other vital ingredients needed for healthy development, LiptoGROW Gold 4 helps kids from 4 years of age and older stay healthy.

  • Continues to boost cognitive function
  • Naturally fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Contains no growth hormones or antibiotics

Every growing child needs a nourishing diet to stay active, build strong bones and create a healthy lifestyle. LiptoGROW Gold 4 offers the optimal balance of wholesome nutrients pediatricians trust to keep kids healthy and strong, and parents trust for its thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

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