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Liptis Nutrition employs the highest standards in sourcing our ingredients and strictly adheres to the established guidelines of leading food health and safety organizations.

At Liptis Nutrition, the health and safety of both children and mothers is our top priority. This is why we only use the highest quality milk, vitamins and nutrients in Liptomil Gold, LiptoGROW Gold and Liptomama Gold formulations.

Certified PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Milk

Certified PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) milk is the primary ingredient used in Liptomil Gold, LiptoGROW Gold and Liptomama Gold formulas and nutritional supplements. This milk comes from small farms who only raise grass-fed cows to ensure the safest, freshest and most nutritious PDO milk .
As certified facilities, our milk farms undergo strict supervision by Food Law Authorities and Government Veterinary Officers. These farms are regularly inspected by highly-trained special inspectors who check milk quality to ensure our certified PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) milk:

  • Does not contain rGBH or other hormones
  • Does not contain antibiotics or bovine medications
  • Does not contain synthetic compounds

In less than 72 hours, milk received from our certified PDO farms becomes a Liptomil Gold product.
To further ensure our approach to providing the highest quality infant formulas and nutritional supplements available, all our products undergo over four dozen tests prior to shipment. All farms that supply Liptomil Gold formulas are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified and meet AgriConfiance standards.

Standards Compliance

Liptomil Gold infant formulas and nutritional supplements meet all the recommendations and regulations of European and European guidelines, including:

  • World Health Organization and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (WHO/FAO) CODEX Alimentarius guidelines for infant formula established in July 2007 under the Joint WHO/FAO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) for food safety and practices.
  • European Community (EC) directives established for infant and follow-up formulas in December 2006.
  • European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)guidelines on infant nutrition.

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